Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mum's Visit Part 1

My mum is here visiting!  It has been really nice to have someone here.  I have been really enjoying the company and the opportunity to cook.  She came down with a list of foods from my blog that she wanted to try, which is fun.

Today we took a trip to the farmers market and picked up some needed ingredients.  For an early dinner, Ashley came over and the three of us had Pineapple Sesame Seitan and Cream of Cauliflower Soup.  I also introduced my mum to my Spinach Smoothie.

I was surprised that my mum wanted to try the Pineapple Sesame Seitan, since she cane be a picky eater and has never had seitan and has very rarely tried a "mock meat" and has not had "red" meat since she was about 16 years old.  She thought the flavor was good but had trouble setting used to the texture of the seitan.  I was empathetic and we moved on to the cream of cauliflower soup.  I think she liked this dish much more.  It came out very smooth and creamy with a nice robust flavor.

She fought me on the Spinach Smoothie a bit.  She had some concerns about the combination of spinach and bananas.  I insisted and she gave it a try.  She seemed to be surprised with the taste and how it all blended together.  Unfortunately, it was not cold enough but it was still good.  I do not generally mind room temperature drinks.


Alessandra said...

I wish my mum could visit, she did once, but it is too much of a long trip for her now.

Mihl said...

Your mom sounds like an awesome person! I cannot imagine my mum wanting to try out my recipes (okay that's mainly because she doesn't speak English).

Leslie Ann Costello said...

Yay for your mum....when I saw that you had Spinach Smoothie on the menu I wondered how THAT would go....but it sounds like it went just fine. I have also discovered that the spinach flavor disappears and so the greens contribute that gorgeous color (and lots of vitamins and minerals, of course) but other flavors predominate. I like raspberries in mine....I hope you guys continue to have a good time.

Rose said...

It must be fun making your own recipes for your mom. Everything looks great!

Millie said...

wow, everything looks great...have fun with Mum.