Friday, May 1, 2015

BBQ Tofu Update!

For several months I have been trying to really master the perfect Bar-B-Que tofu.  I have roasted it, pan fried it, deep fried it, baked it, marinated it.  I made some last night that might have been close to where I want to be with the recipe.

First, I used quality tofu.  I really find that cheap tofu, no matter how hard you try still ends up too wet.  Starting with good quality tofu, I pressed the water out, then tossed it in my Bar-B-Que dry rub.  I let it sit overnight then deep fried it to get a crispy edge while keeping the soft center.  In a side pan I fried some onions, added some Bar-B-Que sauce, then once it was hot I added the tofu.  I cranked up the heat to get a nice sear on the tofu.  It was really great.  I am on my way to making the best tofu I have ever had!

We had it with smashed sweet potatoes and severed it on a bed of sesame oil spinach!  Awesome meal!

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Spécialiste de l'éphémère said...

This looks perfect! Really perfect!
I agree... must use quality tofu.