Thursday, May 14, 2015

Almond Joy attempt #1

As a child I was never a big candy eater.  I would gorge on Halloween and maybe even Easter but overall, I did not eat a lot of candy and when I did it was typically not of the chocolate variety.  However, recently I have been craving candy bars.  Being vegan, that is often either an impossibility or very expensive.

I started thinking about what type of candy bar I could make that would be fairly simple.  Almond Joy!  After looking at a few sample recipes I gave it a whirl.  My coconut filling was so wet that I could not form it into bars to dip in chocolate.  In fact it was so wet that I had to pour the chocolate over the top and try to make squares instead.  They were still pretty wet for that as well.

They were quite tasty though!  Not to mention I learned to use significantly less coconut milk next time I try.  There will be a next time, of that I am sure!

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Anonymous said...

looks good! I'm thinking you should make a vegan-adapted version of these oreo pancakes sometime for a treat... they look good, and i know you like oreos.