Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Asian influence

We have been trying to cut back on breads in the house.  We have been somewhat successful and honestly, I am really enjoying the foods we are eating right now.  It has been mostly Asian inspired foods over the past couple weeks.

I have made masala, tofu stir-fry, coconut lime tempeh, and Pho.  I really enjoy Asian flavors and all the veggies you get.  It makes me feel much better then some of the American spin-off veganized dishes that we eat.

I am thrilled that Kaleigh and Ashley have been on board with the Asian cuisine.  Kaleigh has gotten really excited when we she Pho in the pot.  Ashley has that same enthusiasm when I make one of her favorite, coconut lime tempeh.

With all the physical work we have been doing around the house (gardening, tree planting, flower planting, bush planting, general home repairs) it is great to eat something packed with veggies and flavor!