Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day with Mothers!

Being in Maine for mother's day was something different.  It has been over 10 years since I have seen my mother on mother's day.  Ashley, Kaleigh and I invited her over for brunch.  Ashley made her special pancakes and I make home fries, granola, fruit salad and green smoothies.

Brunch was great, the potatoes and granola was a big hit.  I even went into the yard and picked a bunch of our crocus flowers to put in a vase on the dinning room table.  We talked about memories of some of our first mother's day experiences.  It was interesting to hear both perspectives from my mother and Ashley.

After brunch my mum headed home and Kaleigh and I gave Ashley a slew of things to pick from for the days activities.  She opted to take Tessa and head to Vaughns woods for a walk/hike.  Before we left Kaleigh and I each gave Ashley a rose bush.  I gave her a yellow primrose and Kaleigh gave her a campfire rose bush.

We had a great hike, even Tessa was enjoying herself.  When we got to the stream in the woods we all decided to put our feet in the water, except Tessa, she decided to lay down in the rushing water! We wore her out and she was apparently hot.

After our hike and a few quick errands we were home.  Ashley and Kaleigh planted their hanging tomato plant while I made dinner.

I made a thai peanut dish with flat rice noodles, broccoli, green beans, peppers, and topped with some thai basil.  Ashley loved it!  After dinner we planted the rose bushes which wrapped up a great day.

It was wonderful to see my mum on mother's day.  My mum made some tough choices while raising her kids.  I joke about what an easy child I was but I was not, I was a tough child and teen to be around.  Having the responsibility to raising me was a tough one but I believe my mother made some great choices and allowed me the freedom to learn as I went, as we both were.  She is a strong woman that has learned not to put up with anyone's shit.  I see her in myself and I am proud of that person, her and I.

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