Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weekday night shows can be rough.

Punk rock on week nights in Maine can be rough.  Maine is not a state that most bands have on their radar to play and if they do opt to play Maine, we often get week nights so they can hit the bigger cities (Boston, New York) on the weekend for a good turn out.

Last night, pop punk band Dead Words from Texas played in Skowhegan Maine.  There was not a huge turn out but it was still a lot of fun.  Two (mostly) acoustic acts opened the show.  Both were very different but a lot of fun.  Mike Spaulding on Wessley even slipped in his own rendition of a G.G. Allin cover.

Next up was a band that my long time friend Jonny and I have been working on.  We were acceptable for our first show.  Although Jonny (who plays with the Unseen) plays shows often, it has been well over 10 years since I have played.  It was a fun experience though and I think it was fairly well received by the 20 or so kids at the show.

Dead Words played next.  They were super nice guys and played pop punk.  Generally not my style but they were fun to watch live and played their style very well.  Ashley really liked them and Kaleigh got both a shirt and a sticker!

Last up was the Skowhegan locals who have been making a solid name for themselves throughout the state, Uncle Spudd.  On their home turf they took a few more chances with their songs then they did the last time I saw them but they were still very good.  They are some of the best kids in the punk scene and they have a lot of fun playing.  They do so much for Maine punk rock it is incredible.  One of them even earned a Limp Wrist CD from me!

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