Monday, April 27, 2015

Ashley is working her magic!

Ashley works hard to provide for our family.  She puts in the hours and occasionally has to stay late.  She does a great job and we all appreciate it.  Given this, I take on most of the cooking responsibilities in the house.  While I enjoy cooking, sometimes it is a shame because Ashley is actually quite a good cook as well.

Sunday she woke up with the urge to cook.  I got right out of the way and let her take over the kitchen.  For breakfast she baked some donuts and covered them in chocolate.  They were great!  I really miss donuts so these were a nice treat.

For lunch she made some really fun tacos.  They were filled with her famous cole slaw this time with a tex mex touch, roasted spiced cauliflower and topped with cilantro and avocado.  They were really good.  A unique lunch for us and super tasty.

It was great to be kicked out of the kitchen for the afternoon.  As much as I enjoy cooking, it is nice to have a break without a drop off in foods I like!

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