Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seitan Bacon!

Tempeh bacon is something I have been making for years.  While it is very good and perfect in several situations, it lacks some of the bacon cache.  While I do not remember the taste or texture of bacon, it seems to be that the tempeh is too dense and really lacks the texture and doesn't quite compare to the saltiness.

I wanted to try it another way.  Ashley recommended I try to make a seitan based bacon.  I gave it a whirl.  The taste was not perfect but the texture was more like bacon (I think).  We used it in some B.A.D. (breakfast and dinner) which we had not had in a long time.  Breakfast and dinner is a term Kaleigh and I coined and one of her favorite meals.

We also used the bacon on a pizza the following night.  It was pretty good then too!  I still think I might prefer the tempeh version but I will continue to work on this recipe and see if I can get it a little better.

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