Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Hunt?

Ashley, Kaleigh and I were driving into town the other day when Kaleigh began to tell us how she was upset that we had no Easter plans.  Without realizing it, when we moved to Maine we ignored a lot of those things that she did with her grandmother.  Instantly, Ashley and I felt bad and new we needed to come up with something.

I went out and got some stuff to hide around the house.  When she went to bed, Ashley and I hid a bunch of candy for her.  Neither of us thought much about the Easter bunny since Kaleigh does not believe in Santa and had never mentioned the Easter bunny.  However, in the morning she was excited that she saw candy all over the house (so was Tessa whom we had to fend off) and I mentioned sarcastically that the Easter bunny must have been here.  She got really excited and made a statement about the Easter bunny living in Maine and that was why he came to our house this year but never in years past in Georgia.  

Either way, she had a great morning hunting for candy around the house.  It was fun for Ashley and I since we found some good hiding places and got to see Kaleigh struggle a bit.

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