Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cupcake weekend!

Over the weekend, Squashed was in our first restaurant, the Hi-Hat Pancake House.  They immediately sold the initial 2 dozen we gave them and we began work on 3 dozen more.  They sold through most of them and the customers loved them.  It was a great start to building relationships with vendors.

Sunday evening, Ashley wanted me to try to make a nice maple sugar cupcake for some of her co-workers.  After already baking 5 dozen, I said sure!  They came out really well.  Maple syrup is so expensive that I worry I would not be able to realistically sell them for a reasonable price though.

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Catherine said...

I've had good success using organic maple extract to amp up maple flavor and keep the quantity of maple syrup in a recipe down ... perhaps that would help with your price point?

Exciting about your new business! Good luck!