Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The girls are home, just in time for pilaf!

The girls are back!  The vacation to the south was a long one and left me and the four-legged animals home alone for weeks.  We made it through, albiet eating veggie dogs, vegan pizzas, and bbq tempeh.  Nothing blog worthy for sure.

Now that they are back I feel like I can cook decent food again.  Last night I made a shiitake mushroom rice pilaf, kale chips and some bbq vegan drumsticks.  The pilaf came out great.  About 10 years ago, pilaf was a common dish in my life. Looking back, I can not recall the last time I had it.  This was perfect though; savory and hearty.

It has been starting to get pretty cold here in Maine.  It has been over a decade since I experienced this type of weather and the girls never have.  While taking Kaleigh to the bus stop this morning my nose hairs froze shut.  I remember those days from my childhood.  Wind and ice, welcome to January.

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