Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Belated holiday get-together

Due to vacations, work, illness, etc. the Robinson extended holiday get-together was nearly a month after the big christian holiday.  It was fine with us though as it is always just nice to get together and spend time with family.  The gift giving was just a bonus.

Ashley made me a vat of vegan french onion dip!  It was really good.  We ate nearly the entire thing with a big bag of chips!  I feel like it would have been an incredible sandwich spread as well.

For Kaleigh, I made her a plaque with reclaimed wood that was ripped from the side of our house in the remodel.  I cut, smashed, burned a "K" into the plaque for her.  I thought it came out pretty cool and she hung it up in her room right away.

I used the same wood (former siding on the house) to build Ashley a dining room table.  My father helped with the building as well but I did most of the cuts and labor.  He has immense wood working knowledge and guided me through the process.  It took a few weeks to completed but came out looking nice!

It was a great evening, I got to see my uncle whom I had not seen in about 16 years, I got to eat 6 slices of pie, and got to see a lot of family.  It is always nice to have these get-togethers, something I did not appreciate when I was younger.

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