Friday, January 23, 2015

Deep Fry Friday!

Today is Kaleigh's 8th birthday.  I am really excited to be able to share another birthday celebration with her.  She is really looking forward to her special day/weekend.

In her honor, today's post is based on an idea she came up with shortly after I got my deep fryer.  Its Deep Fry Friday!  Here we go!

I made seitan chickin nuggets.  It is something I make fairly often in the house.  I make a basic chickin seitan then marinade the nuggets in sauce, usually BBQ.  Then bread them up and drop them in the fryer!  Delicious.  Kaleigh has been really into kale chips recently so we added some to the plate with another favorite of hers, mashed potatoes.  The tossed some green peas on the plate to top it off.

It has been a crazy few weeks with what seems like disaster after disaster but I hope this weekend will be a nice reprieve for Kaleigh to celebrate her 8th birthday!

Happy Birthday Kaleigh!

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