Thursday, January 15, 2015

Curry tofu!

I have been working on making my own Asian sauces to keep in the fridge.  Sometimes it is a pain to have to go out to the store each time I need more chilies, lime, or some other ingredient that I use less often in the kitchen.

I recently made a green curry.  It actually came out more yellow when added to the actual sauce but the curry paste itself is more certainly green.  My first dish with my stored homemade curry was a curry and veggie dish with cashews and fried tofu.

It amazes me how much Kaleigh's palate has developed over the years.  She really liked this dish which was extremely layered in different flavors and textures.  She has come a long way with tofu as well.  A year ago she would not eat it unless it was in a scramble.  Not she likes it just about any way I choose to make it.

Having a kid that is such a good eater with such a developed palate makes cooking in the house (and preparing her lunch the following day) so much easier.  We are lucky.


Spécialiste de l'éphémère said...

So true; so nice not to have to go out to get a lime!
This dish is awesome!
Specially if the sauce is home made!

Kristel TofuParty said...

Great idea to have some home made Asian sauce in the fridge. Thinking I wanna do that to.