Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kaleigh and her mints...

Recently, Kaleigh asked for some peppermint chocolates at the store.  Not only do we go out of our way to not buy her non-vegan items but I have an issue with buying anything from an impulse rack.  They are a pet peeve of mine.

Instead, I took it upon myself to make some at home.  They were surprisingly easy.  I even used a recipe (mostly).  Kaleigh loved them.  She said they were better than the name brand.

She packed a mint in her lunch the following day.  One of her school friends noted to her that her dad makes some pretty good stuff for her lunch.  Kaleigh responded with "yup.  He is good at it".  Kaleigh is quite a character.  I am just glad she got a nice mint.

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