Friday, February 28, 2014

Mushrooms are for Kids!

Every Thursday, Kaleigh and I have some great one-on-one time.  For weeks, we have been destroying mushrooms every Thursday.  A while ago I proposed the idea of portabello mushroom BBQ sandwiches.  She seemed curious.

This time we made it happen.  She completely devoured her sandwich.  She loved it.  We took some portabello caps, sliced them, tossed them with onions, spices, and a gluttonous amount f BBQ, then roasted them until all the sauce was in the mushrooms!  After piling it on a toasted hoagie bun and adding a side of my homemade fries, we had an amazing meal!

For her birthday, Kaleigh got a super cool cooking kit for kids.  It has a kid friendly knife, peeler, etc.  It even has an apple slicer!  She is slicing her own apples!


Millie said...

happy birthday Miss K.

VeganWoman said...

Definitely hard to make mushrooms appealing to kids but this is great! thanks for sharing