Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I turned 34.

I celebrated my birthday this weekend.  I think it officially started on Friday evening when I declared, "I should not have to do the dishes on my birthday weekend", walked out of the room and someone else did the dishes!  We also had a great dinner that night.  Portabello mushrooms stuffed with spinach, onions, tomatoes, and garlic, with a side of huge brussel sprouts, and roasted fingerling potatoes and cauliflower.

The next evening, Ashley and I tried to go out to do dinner and a movie but both failed and we ended up making pizza at home and watching a dvd.  It worked out better that way, I generally prefer to stay in when I can.

Sunday, we headed for our first hike of the season.  Sweet Water Creek State Park.  I say it every year but this is really one of the best hikes in Georgia.  It was a really nice weekend day so there were quite a lot of folks hiking and we were short on time so we just hiked the shortest trail.  Kaleigh climbed her first big tree and we played on the rocks.

After the hike we headed to met the Atlanta family at Green Sprout for dinner and presents!  I got a (much needed) new baking sheet, an awesome tri-pod, and a camera bag to carry all of my lenses and new tri-pod.  Kaleigh even got me a stick as payback for the log I got her on her birthday!  We had a great time and I really appreciated everyone coming out.

Monday was my actual birthday and we had some homemade waffles for brunch.  Then we headed out to do some go-kart racing, rock climbing and arcade fun.  After a few hours we decided to get some take out from Green Sprout (again) and come home with a dvd and red velvet cake from Southern Sweets!

Ashley got me a potentially dangerous gift; a deep fryer.  Get ready to see the vegan deep fried foods fill up the posts!


Leslie Ann Costello said...

Sounds like a great weekend full of fun, food, nature and of course, your favorite present, a stick. (Way to go, Kaleigh!) I have wondered about the dishes/birthday thing. I sometimes think that maybe I shouldn't have to do the dishes for the year of my birthday. How does that sound?

Jes said...

Happy birthday!!! It sounds like you had a perfect weekend--especially starting with not doing the dishes :)

Can't wait to see what you fry up!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday!