Friday, February 7, 2014

When left to our own devices....

Thursday night, Ashley works until after Kaleigh goes to bed.  Occasionally, I have played games on that night but this week they were canceled.  Kaleigh and I had the night to ourselves.  Which means we had one of our favorite dinners and a great dessert!

Kaleigh has been on a red velvet kick.  Who am I to disappoint a 7 year old?  As soon as we got home from school, we started making red velvet whoopie pies!  In the south, whoopie pies are a rare thing.  In Maine, they are everywhere.  For those readers that do not know what a whoppie pie is, basically it is a cake sandwich.  Our red velvet whoopies were awesome!

While the whoopies were cooling, we made dinner; baked beans, roasted brussel sprouts, and corn bread.  On the first bite of corn bread, Kaleigh lost her tooth!  Aside from a mouthful of bloody bread, she was super excited.  She refuses to give her teeth up to the tooth fairy.  She thinks if he saves them and gives them up all at once she will get more for them.

After dinner, Kaleigh and I played with her magic set and then headed to bed.  It was a great night for the two of us.  I really enjoy having her around (only partly because it gives me an excuse to make treats).  We do miss Ashley when she is at work but it is good for us to be able to have time with just her and I too.

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Millie said...

your such a good the whoopee pies...they looked divine.