Monday, February 24, 2014

Kaleigh had her first school dance!

Kaleigh's school was hosting a Valentines dance.  It was actually the week after Valentines day due to the nasty Atlanta weather.  She asked me to take her and I agreed.  This would be interesting.  My school dances generally resulted in the cops being called due to the actions of my friends and I.

She got dressed up and informed me that I needed to as well.  I do not dress up much but I at least put on a clean pair of pants and a button up shirt.  Then, after Ashley took a few pictures of the two of us, we headed out.  She mainly played with her friends while I sat around but she did ask me to dance with her once.

For me, sometimes being put in a situation where there are parents makes me wonder if I am really able to help Kaleigh be a reasonable adult.  She had a lot of fun at the dance though so I guess I did ok.  Despite feeling out of my comfort zone, I did really enjoy getting to see her have so much fun (I even got to dance with her once!).

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adriennefriend said...

Such a sweet picture! Thank you for sharing :-)