Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekend Vacation; Day 1: Old Town

We kept it quiet for a number of reasons but, as a celebration of Kaleigh's 7th birthday, Ashley and I took Kaleigh on a weekend long vacation to Maine.  It is not a typical winter vacation spot but most of my family (both blood family and chosen family) are there.

Being a couple of girls from the south, neither Ashley nor Kaleigh had much previous experience with snow so this was going to be an adventure for both of them.  Much of the snow had melted away in a recent warm spell but it was still far more then they had experienced in Atlanta.

Our first day we took the drive to Old Town to spend the day with my long time friend, Jonny and his wife LeeAnne.  For me, Jonny is always a priority on a Maine trip.  We have been about as close as you can be when long distance for over 20 years.

After some brief introductions and video games, Jonny, Kaleigh and I made some stir-fry for lunch.  After lunch we set out to find some snow for Kaleigh to play in.  We found a bit near the campus and went "shoe skating".

After some snow and ice time we picked up some coconut ice cream and headed back to the house.  For the holidays, Jonny got an amazing pink salt brick.  We took 3 flavors of ice cream and slathered in on the salt brick.  It really added a lot of depth to the ice cream flavors and we all enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, our time in Old Town was limited.  We left just before dinner to get back in the Augusta area.  We were staying with my grandmother, Priscilla.  It was a good start to the vacation even if any time I see Jonny, I miss being closer to him.

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