Thursday, January 2, 2014

Asian night!

We recently had an Asian themed dinner.  I had some left over store bought mushroom vegetable buns that we steamed to perfection.  I made some quick rice noodles, miso soup and a stir-fry.

The soup was not a big hit with the girls.  We do not often eat miso soup and the foreign taste turned off Kaleigh.  She also was not a face of the fried tofu cubes.  Ashley's position was not much different.

However, Kaleigh ate lots of her stir-fry.  I used fresh shiitake mushrooms, thai basil, baby bok choy, and even tossed in a few soy chicken chucks for good measure.  Both Kaleigh and Ashley have really begun to enjoy shiitake mushrooms.  I just wish they were a little cheaper!

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adriennefriend said...

Love me some miso soup! That looks like a whiter, lighter miso - which can have a fruitier flavor. Maybe try a darker miso??