Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY veggie broth, months in the making.

I consistently keep and freeze the scraps from chopped vegetables.  I toss them in baggies and hang on to them for future broth making.  After a large trip to the grocery store with Ashley and Kaleigh, Ashley thought we might need to make some broth to free up freezer space.

Kaleigh and I were bound to spend the evening in anyway and she was excited about the idea of doing some cooking.  This was right up her alley.  We had about 12 bags of frozen scraps ranging from zucchini to shiitakes, from peppers to cabbage, and brussel sprouts to onions.  Making broth also gave us a great excuse to wear our matching homemade aprons that Kaleigh's grandmother made both of us for the holidays.

Kaeligh and I took our tow largest pots, divided up the bags, added water and boiled for about 6 hours.  We occasionally added more water to each depending on the need but it is an extremely easy process is you have the day at home.

It makes a wonderful vegetable broth for virtually no cost.  My broth turned out more of an orange color as I snatched up a lot of red pepper bags.  Kaleigh's broth was more of a purple color because she got a lot more red cabbage and shiitakes.

After we finished cooking them, we let them cool, strained the broth out and then combined the two broths.  We gave it  taste test and is fantastic!  I will freeze it in serving sizes of two cups.  Those size make it easy for our household to use to make rice, lentils, etc.



Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute :-)

Sanni said...

What did you freeze it in that holds cups of liquid? I have done this with ice cube trays and muffin tin. Thanks

adriennefriend said...

I can confirm that this broth was literally months in the making, if not years. Every time I look in your freezer (illegally) I see strange bags. Glad to know you've finally made it!