Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cooking with Kaleigh; Part 13: Tofu Scramble!

Just after we got back from our weekend in Maine, Kaleigh and I decided to have BAD (Breakfast and Dinner).  We have been having it a little too often for Ashley's taste so Kaleigh and I waited for her to be at work.  We got our pancakes and vegan sausage going then Kaleigh wanted to make a Cooking with Kaleigh video for tofu scramble.

Kaleigh has been saying for awhile that she does not like tofu but for whatever reason, she loves tofu scramble.  She gets really excited for the dish and likes to help make it.  By now, she can mostly make it by herself.

After our trip to Maine, she had a new excitement for the cooking series.  There were a lot of people in Maine that she got to meet that already knew her from the videos.  They all thought she did a great job cooking so she is back to being excited about the videos.

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