Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kaleigh went to a punk show!

Most punk shows in Atlanta are late at night in smoke-filled alcohol laden clubs with folks pushing and shoving.  The Garden is a space in Atlanta that is unique.  She shows start and end early, the crowd in very mellow and best of all it is a sober space.

In fact, the shows start early enough for Kaleigh to go!  When ever I am going to a show, she asks if she can go and the answer is always "no".  This time, wiht her great report card, she was able to go!  Ironically, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Garden show started later then expected and we had to leave before the final band played.

Kaleigh got see meet some really nice folks, see some folks she had not seen in awhile, experience her first punk show, and the drummer from Rapturous Grief was even nice enough to let her wail away on his drums while people were setting up!

She had a lot of fun, despite us making her wear ear plugs.  I hope she gets more opportunity to have these type of experiences.  I know it was extremely important for me as I grew up.

Thank you everyone who was nice enough to allow a 6 year old into your space!

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