Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No worries, it's punk rock.

Sunday night Condition (from LA) played here in Atlanta.  Despite getting a late start, I did not miss any of the bands.

Stepdad SS, from Charlotte North Carolina, opened.  They were a decent band that was fun to watch.  Next up was an Atlanta favorite, Manic.  They delivered their typical old-school hardcore performance that us always a good time.  Next was one of my favorite locals, Mercenary.  They had some technical issues but still melted faces.  They are so abrasive, and fun to watch.

Paradox played their first show in months.  This was the best time show I have seen from them.  They seemed really tight, despite the hiatus.  They really destroyed the place, D-beat anthems filled the room and the crowd was going bonkers.

Lastly, Condition played.  They were good fun.  The singer had a brace on his leg that limited his movement but they were still fun to watch.  With a reputation as one of the best current hardcore bands around, they drew a good crowd.

It was a great night.  I really am glad to be back into a punk/hardcore scene.  It has been really rewarding for me, some nostalgia and some urgent aggressive outlet.  December has a drought for shows but hopefully I will be able to catch some more soon.

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