Friday, November 1, 2013

October Vacation; Day 6: Apples and Waterfalls!

Ashley, Kaleigh, and I took out annual trip to Hillcrest Orchard for the Apple Jubilee.  It is fairly corny but loads of fun.  We get to do all sorts of fun activities and top it off with apple picking.

Generally, we go earlier in the season and there are more apples on the trees.  This year, it was slim pickings.  Most of the apples has already fallen.  We eventually conceded that we may need to hunt of the ground for nice apples but it was not quite as fun.  It was still a fun day at the apple orchard.

We had some nice vegan treats at the orchard as well.  Each year the offer ribbon fries, which are amazing.  This year they even had homemade lemonade.  It was actually really good and a fun treat for the three of us to share.

As always, we headed to Amicalola State Park which is about a mile or so away from the orchard.  We hiked to the falls and added the mileage to our total for vacation hikes.  Kaleigh's little 6-year old legs hiked a total of 24 miles in 5 days!  She was very proud of it, as she should be!

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