Monday, November 11, 2013

Vegfest 2013!

Saturday was the 2nd annual Atlanta Vegfest.  There were speakers, food demos, and plenty of vendors.  Immediately, Ashley, Kaleigh, and I nabbed a s'mores cupcake from Mama Bakes Safe Cakes.  They specialize in vegan, allergy safe baked goods.  We devoured the cupcake in a matter of a few bites.

Then we looked over the rooms a few times and connected with Nate (of crack the plates fame).  Eventually we found ourselves in line for a Korean bun.  This was hands down the best food item at the fest.  It was amazing.  They can be found at local farmer's market but sadly, do not have a store front.

Then we ate other random goodies, including Revolution Gelato.  This gelato was fantastic, rich, sweet, creamy, and smooth.  I hope they get their production together soon so I can eat more.  Otherwise, I may end up knocking on the door of the owners house to get my gelato.

After going back to get seconds on gelato, we headed over to see Isa Moskowitz do a food demo.  She was a lot of fun and Kaleigh really seemed to enjoy the food demos.  Maybe she picked up some pointers for her next video!

After Isa, we let Kaleigh do some vegetable painting and then headed home.  It turned out to be a great day.  These events take an outstanding amount of organization and planning.  We really appreciated the opportunity to attend and have a great day.  Thank you to the former Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe folks!

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luminousvegans said...

Man, I think we came too late! I really wanted those buns but they were sold out when we got there. You got some great shots! We got there right as Isa was talking and left soon after because I was starting to get claustrophobia. It was well done!