Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Last vacation day; the potluck

The last day of our vacation, Ashley wanted to host a potluck as a sort of house warming and settling in celebration.  All of her family was invited and it made for a fun night of stories and food.

Ashley's father and his wife were on a special diet that prohibited dairy, corn, sugar, egg, gluten, and soy.  It made for a fun challenge and forced me to come up with some creative dishes that I will share over the next couple of days.

I made all the dishes that we included able to be eaten by anyone; or so I thought.  Apparently the sugar-free cashews I made for dessert were not part of the diet due to maple syrup.  I was disappointed but I did the best I could with what I knew.

I made pan fried spring rolls with a soy-free "soy" sauce, falafel with a cucumber tahini sauce, Ashley and Kaleigh made cole slaw and a new video, and Ashley and I tag-teamed a spaghetti squash and pesto.

There was a ridiculous amount of food on the spread and Kaleigh orchestrated a few weird games for everyone to play.  For me, it was a fun day of cooking and relaxing after some hard hiking with the family.

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adriennefriend said...

Beautiful meal. Looking forward to trying your mushroom "soy" sauce. Glad to have it as an alternative.