Friday, December 6, 2013

Nothing destroys like fire and water...

I have been really busy for the past week and a half.  I moved a new tenant into a rental property I own.  The following day, Thanksgiving, I get a call from her saying that whenever she uses the water in the house, it overflows into the downstairs toilet.  I went over and sure enough, she was right.  Sewer water was oozing out of the toilet all over the floor and new carpet.  I called an emergency plumbing company and they found a glass bottle in the line.  Although I could not prove it, it has to have happened the day the tenant moved in since there had been no prior issues.  I called an emergency water removal company and they came out in hazmat suits to clean the mess.  They had to tear up the carpet and cut the portions of the wall that were wet.  It was going to be thousands of dollars in damages.

Three days later, while at work, I get another call from the same tenant.  She begins to tell me this long story about how she put some grease on the stove to cook her toddler some food, then got in a fight with her teenage daughter.  After the fight, she decided to take a bath to cool her temper, leaving the grease on the stove.  A fire ensued.  I immediately left the jobby job to meet the fire department at the property.

No humans her physically harmed from the fire. Since then, I have been dealing with contractors, insurance companies, and even my tenant to figure out how I am going to overcome the $40,000 in damages she caused in 4 days.

Needless to say. I have been quite busy.  I am sure the blogworld is reeling in despair from my week and a half with no posts but the community will have to deal.  On the plus side, I do have a lot of food to post when I get the time.  Until then, bare with me, as the posts may be a little sparatic.


adriennefriend said...

Oh man, Vic, I had no idea what was going on when you came over yesterday! I am so sorry that you are dealing with this crap. Two strikes in one week - are you under any obligation to continue housing this woman? My patience would be gone - I would tell her to find some place else to live, and figure it out - but I understand you might be under some kind of contractual agreement to let her stay under the lease. UGH, this is awful. Hoping for a swift resolution in your favor.

Shaheen said...

Oh Vic, this is terrible for you. I really don't know what to say. At least noone was hurt I guess, I also agree with Adrienne, shame if your obligated to continue housing this woman, I would be suspicious.