Monday, January 21, 2013

So much good food!

Feeling well and motivated to get some cooking in, I decided to make an old favorite that I have not made in years.  I stuffed some baby bella mushrooms!  These are always one of my favorite dishes.  When I see them on a menu at a restaurant I am always temped to order them.  Mushrooms were strange for me, before going vegan I never messed with them.  Then, almost like my body new it needed the vitamin D, as soon as I was vegan, I craved them.  Ever since then, mushrooms and I have had a wonderful relationship.

These mushrooms were stuffed with some veggies and tvp while topped with some vegan pepper jack cheese that I am trying to use before it goes bad.  I also made a balsamic glaze for the tops, they came out great and I think I will make them again soon.

I also whipped up (with the help of Ashley) some ginger sweet potato soup.  It was really good, super savory.  I think I will play around with it a bit more and post a recipe.  I really like the root veggies in pureed soups.  They are so comforting and hearty. 

As a side dish, I made some tabouli.  It came out really well, the bulgar cooked perfectly and the lemon juice was the perfect amount.  I used to make tabouli fairly often but have not made it in years.  This seems like a shame since it is really the perfect food to take with me to the jobby job.  It sits well, it is best cold, and you can take a few bites and move on if you are busy.

Dessert was keeping with the lemon theme, lemon cheesecake bars!  I use my basic cheesecake recipe and just altered it a little to make them into bars.  It was a great treat, sweet, tart and small enough not to gorge.

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