Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Banana Bread is a bedtime snack?

After a long day at the jobby job I just want a snack.  However, I have been trying to eat better and take it easy on the snacks.  Ashley and I set goals for ourselves recently and she has been showing me up!  We want to feel better and eat better.  Due to my lack of hiking adventures this past summer I did not lose the usual amount of weight I generally drop.  Now I have to make it up, that means less snacks.  However, it does not mean I still can not eat some delicious sweet treat before bed!  I just need to not eat so many or much of them.

For whatever reason, I have come into lots of bananas recently.  It has resulted in too many to eat but a wonderful solution to a bedtime snack, Banana Bread!  I made several loaves over the course or a few days.

Ashley, Kaleigh and I made banana bread muffins.  Three dozen in one sitting.  Kaleigh had gotten some cool puzzle-like muffin designs for a gift and we decide to make some of the muffins into the puzzle.   We made a banana bread muffin turtle!  It was really cool.  We also made some normal muffins while the turtle was cooling.

Banana bread has been everywhere, especially in my belly at night.

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luminousvegans said...

There is no wrong time to eat banana bread :-). Also, that banana bread muffin turtle you guys made is totally rad.