Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reminding me of cold Maine winters...

When I got my first apartment, way back in 1998, I used to make soup every sunday.  I called it the weekly soup.  From those soups, I have actually made a number of them as part of me regular soup repertoire.  One soup that I used to make often all those years ago was split pea soup.  It has been about 5 or 6 year since I have made the soup though and I thought it was due for a revival. 

I made it with Ashley who had never had split pea soup (vegan or otherwise).  Over the years she has come to trust my cooking despite her initial skepticism.  The soup was creamy and smooth.  I am going to put a little more unique flavor into it before I share the recipe but it will be shared!

Going old school with split pea soup!  I love warm creamy winter soups, they are so comforting, especially growing up in Maine.


Leslie Ann Costello said...

Can vegans use smoke flavoring? Not sure how they actually get the smoke in the bottle (hehe) or if it is vegan, but it might give a nice depth to your split pea soup....just a thought.

Jennifer Lynskey said...

Looks warming!