Monday, January 7, 2013

Ashley's New Book

As a gift, I recently got Ashley the cookbook called Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day.  Ashley loves sandwiches.  Typically, when I ask her what she would like to eat, it involves a sandwich so this book seemed to be the perfect fit.  The day I gave her the book, she spent most of the afternoon looking through all the recipes to figure out which sandwich she wanted to try first.

I was rewarded when her first sandwich was a fried chicken KFC style burger.  Although the book gives some great options for making your own bread and buns, we opted to use some store bought since we did not have much time.  These burgers came out fantastic.  Ashley did a great job.  They were rich in flavor, crunchy, and the sauce was outstanding.


Leslie Ann Costello said...

I was prepared to buy Ashley's new book!!!

Millie said...

always love a great looks amazing and I bet it was delicious.