Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Missing my Nana on pie day

My Nana made the best pies ever.  I realize that everyone thinks their grandmother made the best pies, but they are all second place to mine.  Sorry.  It was this amazing blend of light and crispy with moist and soft.  My sisters, step mother, myself, have all tried to replicate this masterpiece and some of us have come close but it is never the same.  Typically, I am the furthest away from this unattainable goal with my lack of baking skills.

Ashley on the other hand is quite a good pie crust maker.  She has knocked out several crusts without much thought or effort.  With the bowl full of apples I had left over from the recent apple picking trip and a visit from Ashley, I decided to try again.  We combined our efforts, experiences, recipes and came up with a great pie and a great crust.  The base of it was my Nana's recipe but with my additions and Ashley's ability to roll it out and her intuition regarding how much moisture the crust needed.

I was responsible for making the filling and it came out really good.  It was not soup-y not was it tried out.  About as good as one could hope for a nice fall apple pie by two folks who do not bake pies often.  This was not my Nana's pie but it was based in her inspiration.  A woman who taught me more about the joy of cooking and DIY then she knew without saying a single word to me about it.  She was an amazing woman and a famous (in my mind) pie maker.

Apple pie is great.  Apple pie in the fall is fantastic.  Apple pie with apples I picked myself rules.

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Alessandra said...

Your pie looks pretty good to me, maybe because you had a helper? :-)