Monday, October 8, 2012

Negative Approach and Dough Bakery all in one!

A few weeks ago I noticed that the old hardcore band, Negative Approach was on another tour.  They were not my favorite hardcore band but they were certainly a band I really enjoyed and respected what they brought to the early 80's hardcore community.  I was not going to miss a reunion tour of 50 year old men playing songs like they were still 20.  Since Ashley had never been to a hardcore show, I thought I would invite her, it is an experience to remember.


Prior to the show, the two of us headed over to Dough Bakery.  Jamie had been raving all week about a fast food like sandwich they were serving and I thought we should try it.  Ashley and I split a slice of red velvet cake, each had a sandwich and we even grabbed a (non)milk shake to go.  As always, it was great!

We got to the show early so we had some time to stand around.  There were not many folks there as Atlanta has never been known for its punk or hardcore scene.  The first band was decent but nothing special.  Then Negative Approach came on and tore the place apart.  They were so good.  It felt great, warm and comfortable, to be at a hardcore show like this.  The community is something I really miss and am determined to try to get back involved with.  This is my family.

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