Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Picking!

Fall is such a great time to be a kid.  There are all sorts of wonderful special things kids get to do this time of the year.  When I was a child, I do not recall enjoying them as much as I enjoy the memories of them now.  This year, Ashley and I took her daughter Kaleigh through the rounds of autumn activities.

This weekend we took her pumpkin picking.  She loves to walk through the rows of vines and find her perfectly colored and shaped pumpkin.  She does a good job at rationalizing her choices, even at 5 years old.  She even factored in what pumpkin she thought would have the most seeds so I could make her more of my paprika roasted pumpkin seeds.

At the pumpkin patch, there was a lot of other random things for kids to enjoy as well.  We went in the corn maze, pet some farm animals, played on a slide, found a "sandbox" full of kernels of corn, all sorts of fun things.  It is always a great day and I hope Kaleigh remembers these as fondly as I remember the autumn events.


nathanielK said...

that first pumpkin photo is gorgeous. also i want some of those seeds.

xvavaveganx said...

She's so cute with her pumpkin! I love autumn activities like this and a sandbox full of popcorn kernels sounds fun too!