Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maine Trip; Day 4; Back to the 90's

It was an early start to what was going to be a long day that I did not want to end.  I jumped in the rental car and headed to Bridgeton Maine where I would pick up my long time friend Pat.  I have played in a number of bands with Pat and he is a great guy whom I had not seen in nearly a decade.  As soon as I saw him, I felt great, like I was home.  I knew the day was going to be something special.

Pat and I threw some Crass on the stereo and were off to Falmouth to pic up another old friend.  When we arrived, our friend Matt showed us the cabin he lives in and we chatted for a few.  Matt set up a lot of shows in the Portland area and worked on a number of projects.  I think a lot of us saw what he was doing as an extension of the political work we were doing in central Maine.  It was another warm feeling to hug my old friend.  Piling in the car, the three of us headed to Portland to pick up another two friends.

Cal was first on the list.  Cal has always been a character.  As kids, he was the youngest of the group and he was often getting into awkward situations.  Always forgiving, Cal has been a great friend that I had not seen in about 5 years.  A long embrace and we were on the way to get our other friend Dugan.  I met Dugan at a show in Waterville Maine in the late 90's.  Soon after, he was in Portland working on a lot of the same projects Matt was involved in.

Within minutes, we were all off to Biddeford Maine for the South Street Festival.  This first show with this group of friends in what might be 14 years.  It felt amazing.  It was like we never missed a step in all these years.  A family of choice that persevered through time and circumstance, a love unconditional.

The festival was a bazaar turn of events but once Mischief Brew started playing it livened up.  It was a great show and a lot of fun.  It was just like old times, watching bands with good friends.

We packed into the car and headed to a place recommended bu Dugan, Chicago Dogs.  It was a great choice of vegan hot dogs.  Collectively, we destroyed baskets of veggie dogs and fries, I even had a locally brewed root beer.  Then it was off to a place called Reds for some vegan soft serve.  There vegan flavor was pineapple and we all got a cone full and enjoyed the Maine weather before taking some silly photos.

We dropped both Cal and Dugan off back in Portland before heading to the 2nd show of the night.  Cal's band was playing a show later that night and Dugan had some other obligations.  Matt, Pat and I walked around Portland for a bit talking and sharing stories of the years.

Around 8pm Mischief Brew played their 2nd show of the day.  It was an acoustic show and was fantastic.  Our good friend Westie arrived just in time to catch most of the Mischief Brew set.  Dugan show up just as the show ended to see us off but we actually had decided to head over and catch Cal's band play.  Cal was thrilled and we even saw several old friend at the show.

The rides to drop folks off and the long ride home were a little saddening but the day was one of the best I can recall in years.  There was a comfort of friends and settings.  I really miss that part of my life.


adriennefriend said...

What a fine lookin' group of men. You included, Vic.

Whoever heard of pineapple soft-serve?!

Anonymous said...

how fun!! that soft serve looks amazing!

Baron Svengali said...

Love ya, buddy. Hope all's going well back in Atlanta and to see you again soon!

Alessandra said...