Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Worthless Word Wednesday

Life has caught up with me in a major way.  I have been overwhelmed with a slew of work and personal situations.  Fortunately, I am due for some time off from the jobby job and the Real Estate is settled enough that I can disappear for a short amount of time.  Enough time to separate from some of the stress and enjoy some time around my friends and family.  I am going to Maine for a week.

The kitchen has been seeing too many one-player foods recently.  Quick foods and foods on the go have been the story for a couple weeks.  I have not made much to share with the blog world.  However, the readers of this blog are getting the treat of some old pictures of foods I made and never got around to blogging about.

Let me know your favorite and ill try to re-make it and post a recipe!

strange whoppie pie like item

sweet chili tofu

famous fries

fruit heavy salad

roasted potatoes and cauliflower

delicious lentil veggie mess

roasted red pepper hummus

butternut squash stir-fry with soy chickin


Hannah said...

Glad you have something good to look forward to. That's the best way to pull yourself out of a deep funk sometimes. Right now, I'm pinning my hopes to a trip to Japan that I've only just begun to dream about, that will hopefully happen in April... Got a while to figure it out at least.

adriennefriend said...

pretty pictures! But of course, I'd expect nothing less from you.