Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ashley had a Birthday

Due to some unexpected and unforeseen circumstances I was unable to write a blog prior to leave for my Maine trip.  This was one of the blogs that should have been posted before I left.  The usual trip day summaries will follow shortly.

Ashley had a birthday!  We kept it low-key and stayed in Atlanta, however we had a great day and kept it moving.  We got started around 1100am and our first stop was Village Pizza.  Neither of us had been there before so it was a nice change.  They had a "village vegan" style pizza that is kid of like a vegan meat lovers.  It had pepperoni, sausage, and veggies.  The pizza was huge and after a big lunch,  we took some to go but not after a grueling game of scrabble.

From there we went to the north side of Atlanta to play laser tag.  Again, I had never been and was fairly skeptical.  I did not really know what to expect, even as we all went into the course.  It was Ashley and I, three teenage boys, and about fifteen 10 year old kids.  Shortly after entering, I was gunning kids down and having a blast!  It was great!  I took 2nd place and we immediately signed up for the next run.  This time Ashley and I tried to stick together but lost sight of each other shortly after.  I was still ruining kids and racking up points!  Another 2nd place finish.  Great fun and score cards to boot!

The next stop was a mini-golf place in north west Atalanta.  It was indoors and had a glow in the dark monster theme.  It was a good time, although packed.  We shot the course out of order to avoid the crowds at the harder holes.  It was a pretty cool place and we had a good time.

In a time crunch, we zipped over to a comedy club.  We saw John Heffron who won a TV comedy competition.  Unfortunately, they did not allow photography in the club so I have no pictures for the blog world.  He was pretty funny and we split a basket of fries to hold us over until a late dinner. 

After the comedy club we headed back to Decatur where Ashley was surprised to see some of her family had met us at Burnt Fork.  This classic Bar B-Que place has some nice tofu dishes and some vegan sides.  It was a nice dinner and a great way to wrap up an eventful day.  It was good to see her on her birthday!

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nathanielK said...

awesome day! the laser tag is very intriguing...