Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maine 2012; Day 2: Dad's House

After waking up and playing with the dogs at my mum's house for a bit on Thursday, I headed out to my dad's.  My dad's is always a fun place as we typically play games and relax.  He was off for the week to get some construction done on the house but fortunately for me, it was raining.

We watched a movie, played pool, played some video games, and simply relaxed.  It was a calm day and I even got to meet the new dog that lives with him, Roscoe.  For dinner, we got some Chinese food from a local spot with several tofu dishes.  My sister came by and we played some cards for awhile.

The weather cleared up a bit later in the evening and I was able to play outside with Roscoe.  It was a really relaxing day, just what i needed.


xvavaveganx said...

Sounds like a great, relaxing day! Roscoe is so adorable! The tofu dish looks really yummy :)

Anonymous said...

wow what a delicious looking dish! and your dog is so so cute:)

adriennefriend said...

Man, that tofu looks exactly like what Nate and I used to get when we lived in Richmond Indiana, which is kind of wasteland for vegans in terms of dining out. Looks good, though.