Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is playoff basketball

It is playoff basketball. I had some exciting food plans for my Tuesday evening however, they got canceled and on the fly I opted to spend the evening watching basketball. No matter how unbelievable it may in fact be, I do have a few male friends. My friend Maurice and I are constantly talking about basketball and I called to see if he would like to watch the game together. He was into it and we made a plan. We took the game playoff watching to the next level and decided to head downtown and watch the game live! My first playoff game! We had a lot of fun and Maurice ate some weird fried shrimp at the arena (that I thought was sketchy) and paid the price.

Crawford cutting into the lane
Hawks setting up the offence
Johnson block

Horford block

Horford Dunk
Rookie of the Year candidate showing skills

Strangely, as we pulled up to the arena, with my eagle eyes, I spotted some Christians holding signs. I have no idea why they thought that being outside of a basketball game was a solid venue for getting out their doomsday message but I took full advantage. They were slightly creepy but more then happy to take a picture with me.

I promise, more posts about food very soon.

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