Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deli Slices!

Inspired by the rising prices on quick (lazy) foods at my local grocery store and Vegan Dad, I made my own version of excellent deli slices. They taste almost like a tofu turkey loaf that you might have around the holidays. This turned out to be a fun adventure in the kitchen and should provide me some great work lunches.

I have been thrifting for picture frames and other such decorations recently. I have discovered a few treasures and have begun painting them. The pictures frames are being stubborn but the mirrors came out nicely.

I took some time off from work at the end of May. I really need some time off. I am not sure what I will do with it, if anything. I have thought about a solo vacation, a trip to Maine, or even just getting some things done around the house for a week. So many options...


Catherine said...

vacations are a very important part of life!

Hannah said...

This is so cool! I've still never ventured to try making my own faux-meat, since I eat it so rarely, but it sounds like a really fun project if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Could you share your take on the deli slice recipe? I would love to try it!