Friday, April 16, 2010

Got my license!

Another long walk to the mail box this afternoon resulted in news. Awaiting my growing impatients was a single envelope from the Georgia Real Estate Commission. I nervously tore it apart to find the seal of new opportunity. Approval for my long awaited real estate license! A year in the making, this is a big step to some control over my time. I still have a few errands to complete and fees to pay before I get the actual license but it is all but in my hands now.


As a treat to myself, I made my first recipe with irish moss and from my friends cookbook, Living Raw Food. I did not execute everything exactly as the recipe prescribed however, it came out decent. I will do a few things to make it my own as it was not quite heave enough in flavor for me. Raw and sugar free, Papaya Mousse with Lemon Coconut Cream.

Irish Moss
Papaya Mousse with Lemon Coconut Cream


Anonymous said...

see facebook for comment on your "inpatients" :P

Papaya mousse. a mouse is a little furry creature.

Irish moss looks weird o_O

the dessert looks really good!

kmouse said...

Congrats!!! The mousse looks yummy.

Mihl said...


jessy said...

so awesome on receiving the approval for your real estate license!!!! congrats, CONGRATS!!!

very cool on using the irish moss - and the papaya mousse looks great. i can't wait to read your tweaks on the recipe for it as well. making it your own = the best!