Sunday, April 18, 2010

Basketball weekend!

The basketball playoffs began on Saturday night. As I have sited before, I began getting back into the game during my younger brothers and sisters high school basketball careers. My bother was exceptional and my sister became the 2nd highest scorer ever in her high school. I played many sports as a kid, mainly forced by a step father who never fulfilled his athletic dreams. Once I was given the option to play or not, I quickly balked at the idea and walked away. Something about basketball has always stuck with me and allowed me to become close with my family several years ago. Now, I am deep into the professional basketball game.

I rearranged my work schedule this weekend in order to catch more games. I saw 6 of the 8 and was fairly pleased with the results (despite the Lakers winning). Televised sporting events like this always draw up ideas of greasy comfort foods. Yum!

Homemade French Fries


I am currently still looking into some fun options for my vacation that at this point has been pushed back until the middle of June. Monday will be a day willed with errands to officially get my Real Estate licensee and my MLS codes. With Tue and Wed off I hope to get a lot of great things done, play a bit of catch up after a basketball weekend.

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two vegan boys said...

I love basketball! And hockey. My team, the Blackhawks are actually in the playoffs. The greasy food looks so good. Perfect for televised sports. Yum.

Congrats on getting your real estate license. We are planning a vacation in June as well. We are headed to Florida.