Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun foods for a work heavy weekend

It has been a Final Four weekend. I have never really been interested in college sports but have put in a little effort this year. I have found that I really enjoy both the mens and womens college basketball. It has been a nice break from a very long weekend at work.

In the meantime, I threw together some sushi on Saturday night. It has been a long time since I have made some and I was due. Sushi always gives me a nice fresh and light feeling and on a warm Saturday evening that is just what I was craving. I tossed together a fun dragon roll when I realized how much additional avocado I had. I even gave my dragon some black sesame seed eyes, I was in a goofy mood.

Sunday was time and a half at work. After getting out of work, I was committed to some baking. I am generally a struggling baker. I feel confident in being able to make a meal out of most any ingredients but baking is another ballgame. The downtime is overwhelming. Jumping in, I made 18 cupcakes, 9 vanilla (dyed purple) and 9 chocolate. I made two batches of icing, yellow and purple. I think they came out pretty good and wish I had one of those bags for icing. I am too much of a minimalist to buy things like that.


Anonymous said...

glad to see you are supporting the Minnesota Vikings with your icing colors. "my man" Daniel would be proud :P

the dragon roll thing looks fun too :)


The Voracious Vegan said...

I LOVE sushi, the more avocado the better! And your cupcakes are glorious, that icing looks so luscious!

The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

You THREW together that sushi? I don't believe it :)

jessy said...

hellz yeah for some sushi awesomeness! dan and i haven't made sushis in months. maybe next week i'll see if he'd like to make some for us to enjoy! avocado rolls are the best, and we love ones with cucumber 'n tofutti cream cheeze, too. delicious! i love the cuppins cakes - the frosting rocks! baking still intimidates me. i don't like the fact that you can't really adjust the recipe as it's cooking. that bothers me. i'm also not the best at measuring ingredients. i do post the occasional baked goods, but there are sooo many failures that i don't post about. ah ha ha!

Hannah said...

Check out that frosting, how colorful and vibrant! :)

Claryn said...

You totally don't even need one of those icing bags to decorate cupcakes -- just take a freezer bag or something along those lines and cut the tip off of one of the bottom corners, add your frosting, twist the top shut, and use as you would an icing bag. You can wash and dry it so it's reusable, too. But yours also look delicious as is!