Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last show of the season?

In what might have been the last punk show of the season at our space (due to the encroaching cold) we invited a great band from Boston to come play.

Disipline identify as a sex positive band and I felt they would be a great band for the young folks in our scene to see.  They talk about issues of consent, sexual identity, and gender.  The Maine punk scene is so young and still very sheltered that I feel like we need to push the box open to make sure folks of all types feel welcome.

The show had a good turn out and all the bands were a lot of fun.  Michael Spaulding (Frankie Moon) opened with a few acoustic songs before local triplets, Random Ideas took the floor.  They play a much softer pop punk style then we generally have but I really like much of their politics and wanted to have them on the show.  They were very good and lots of fun!

Then was one of my personal favorites, QQQQQ.  These super young folks play snarky, early 80's inspired punk.  They are always fun to watch and get better each time I see them.

Once again, I tried to give Uncle Spudd a good time slot instead of making them constantly play last.  They played a much more aggressive set this time and really bridged the gap between some of the softer stuff and the more aggressive punk to come.

Disipline played 4th and were awesome.  They were tight, aggressive, loud, angry, and were talking about important issues between songs.  This was exactly what the Maine scene needed.  They really were a sight to see play as well as listen too.  Folks really enjoyed them as well and they were able to sell a good deal of their merch at the show.

To close the show out was the Maine goofballs, Pink Sock.  This was the first time they have played our space and they were super nice.  They watched all the bands and were grateful and just generally pleasant to interact with.  Far better then most of the Portland bands that have come to our space.  We will invite them back for sure!

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