Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gluten Free Deli Slices?

One of Ashley's favorite things to eat is sandwiches.  With over a month of gluten-free dieting, she has really started to crave them.  She has been looking everywhere for gluten free vegan deli slices as the slices I make have gluten.

After weeks of searching to no avail, she turned to me to come up with something for her.  Last night was my first attempt.  She loves hot sauce so I used that as an easy flavor base and used tofu as my texture base.

I sliced the tofu thin and pressed it out.  Then I fried it in the deep fryer to get a nice edge to it.  After, I slow roasted it in the oven, continually flipping and smothering it in the sauce. After an hour of roasting I let them cool and they were ready to serve!  Perfect with a vegan ranch sauce and some lettuce and tomato!

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