Tuesday, November 4, 2014

House guests!

I have started inviting folks to dinner at our house.  To share food and ideas on a few new projects I am bringing to the table in the near future.  The first dinner guests we had were my old pal Westie and his partner Amanda.  I hold a lot of value for both of their opinions and their understanding of the vegan market in Maine, as well as their networking ability.

Amanda if gluten-free and anti-mushroom which was a nice challenge for me as I tend to go for the gluten too often and I also eat a lot of mushrooms.  I made a corn encrusted tofu with sides of candied sweet potato, a gluten-free rice based mac and cheeze, and "collard" kale.  Ashley added to the southern soul food theme with her famous cole slaw.  We also had some blueberry coconut ice cream for dessert.

We had a great dinner and they both got to meet Kaleigh in person.  Her Cooking with Kaleigh web-series videos were noted several times.  I shared my plans and got some great feedback from the both of them with regards to the Maine vegan scene.

Do not tell Amanda but I let Westie sneak one of my non-gluten free cupcakes when she wasn't looking!

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