Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The first of many...Welcome to Maine!

Sunday morning, the girls and I awoke to flurries of snow.  The type of flakes bigger than a quarter and sticky with moisture begging for creativity.  The girls were excited.  Their first snow fall as Mainers.

Within a few hours the prediction of 2 inches had been surpassed and the snow was limiting our vision.  Kaleigh was thrilled.  Ashley was interested yet concerned about driving to work the next day.  Tessa was curious.  I was beginning to wonder how long it would take to shovel.

A treacherous road adventure, snow sledding, shoveling, hot chocolate, and several hours later we were looking at quite a bit of snow.  The snow was up to Kaleigh's knees and still coming down.

The quaint excitement of the snow storm ended about 8pm when the power went out.  It was out for just over 24 hours, the girls had been pushed into the Maine storm season with little warning.  They will both be pros by spring.

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