Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Can you dig it?

About 2 months ago, Ashley, Kaleigh, myself, and my sister and her family went apple picking.  I was just starting to get into jarring/canning and thought I would try something fun.  I made an apple crisp, admittedly not my strong suit and put about 5 servings in jars.  Yesterday, I wanted to see if it worked and kept a good lifespan.

Kaleigh and I were the brave folks who popped the jar and took the first bites.  It was very slightly soggy but nothing that it would not have been if it were a 3 day old freshly made crisp.  Otherwise, it tasted fresh.  It had worked!

We torn threw the jar as Kaleigh's after school snack.  I am pretty excited to have had this work. I still have some jars in our canning room and will keep trying it until I can tell it has hit its limit.  It really makes me wonder what else I could jar/can that will keep and be awesome!

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